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A comprehensive musical solution for businesses, including:
  • A rich and varied music package

  • Our advanced smart media player

  • Optional central control for chain stores

  • 24/7 System support

  • Advertisement production with seamless Integration

With SL Music Group, you can have a customized solution for all of your requirements; a musical atmosphere that is designed specifically for your business, whilst saving significantly on expenses.

Our services include a rich and varied music package along with ongoing playlist updates, a smart and easy to use media player, optional centralized networked management system, installation service and 24/7 support. We also offer custom advertisement production if needed.

Rich music package and regular playlist updates


Musical characterization of a business

The most important component in choosing what type of music to play requires an understanding of the needs of the business. This understanding is derived from the style of the brand, the target audience, active business hours and the atmosphere inspired by the business environment. The ability to enter a place of business, experience the atmosphere and know exactly how to supply the right product is our number one skill.

Choosing the right music

Our professional music producers and editors know how to match the right music to your business and produce a rich, colorful and inviting experience. Quality music packages are then curated by these professionals from a wide and diverse catalogue.

Regular music updates

We’ve got our finger on the pulse and are always listening for the hottest new trends in music. Our Spacelighter Records label updates the catalog regularly while emerging trends and new styles in music receive our immediate attention.

Press here to listen to examples from our dozens of existing playlists.

Advanced technology for playing music in places of businesses

Get to know your business’s personal DJ: a smart user-friendly media player with many advantages:

  • Reliable, convenient and easy to use

with no need for maintenance.

  • Automatically plays music

according to the preferences set by the content editors and according to the requirements of the specific business (including time of day, days of the week, specific dates and holidays).

  • Prepares a new playlist every day

according to the types of musical styles and the operating hours of the business.

  • Option for local control

when necessary.

  • At the press of a button, custom recorded messages

can be played (for example: store closing, happy hour, etc.).

  • Maintains an even level of volume

and performs a smooth transition between tracks (CROSS FADE).

  • Easily allows for the integration of advertisements

announcements and messages between songs at any time and day you want.

  • The media player has a very small footprint

and can be easily stored.

  • Media player contains an internal preamp

and can be connected directly to existing in-store PA systems.

  • A button that activates an internal speaker

and serves as a monitor to check whether music is being played.

  • Optional internal speaker

for ease of monitoring.

Chain store owners: Get the perfect solution for central control from one location



Our system has solutions for large chain stores that require centralized control over their content, as well as for individual stores (local control). Our system has many capabilities, including:

  • Defined music for specific times of activation along with custom announcements for a specific branch, groups of branches or for the entire chain.

  • Allow or block the business staff’s control over the player.

  • Production and seamless integration of custom advertisements.

  • Receives reports from every player on the actions that have been performed.

  • Exceptions reporting on players disconnected from the network or those which were not updated.

  • Remotely change every property of operation for every player or group of players.

Production and custom adaptation of advertisement broadcasting



Do you have a product or service that you want to promote in between songs? We also offer custom advertisement production. Our player is a smart DJ with many capabilities, including:

  • Integrating an unlimited number of advertisements and custom announcements.

  • Defining dates, times, days of the week, and how often to play advertisements.

  • Defining the volume of the advertisements/announcements relative to the volume of the music.

  • Disabling all advertisements when desired.

We are with you always and everywhere for installation and technical support 24/7


SL Music Group supplies installation services and technical support around the clock. You can enjoy full support by phone at all times. It doesn’t matter where you are; any technical problem is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

To shorten waiting times, the company maintains backup substitute media players. A company technician comes to the customer site and installs this system when necessary.

The Support Department’s professional team conducts precise quality tests on the level of service and the player’s broadcast quality to ensure optimal service at any given time.


We are at your service!

SL Music Group is happy to help create the perfect sonic atmosphere for your business.

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