Do you play music in your business establishment?

As a business owner, you need to be concerned with playing the right type of music to create the best possible consumer experience. However, the exorbitant royalty fees business owners are forced to pay annually are a significant expense that must be carefully considered when planning your budget.

Who do you pay for music requiring the payment of royalties?

Whether you are the owner of a large retail chain, fitness center, clothing store, restaurant, café or any other type of business, if you publicly play any music requiring a royalty payment, you are required by law to obtain the appropriate public performance license from each performing rights organization (PRO) responsible for collecting royalties, such as ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.

Each organization charges a different rate depending upon various factors including size of business, working hours and type of business. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for failing to pay these organizations. In most cases, you will be required to pay retroactively!

The expenses don’t stop there. They also include payments to companies that provide musical editing, playlists, software, hardware and technical support.

Attempted solutions in the marketplace:

Cover songs are one attempt to solve the problem of these open-ended expenses. Some businesses requiring background music may play covers of original songs. However, this is not a comprehensive solution! PROs like ASCAP and BMI must still be paid for publicly performing the composition.

Additionally, some business owners believe that if they only play foreign music there is no need to pay royalties. This assumption is also incorrect! Artists outside the country are represented by their own local organizations. These local organizations are represented in the US by ASCAP or BMI and are responsible for collecting copyright payments for the artists they represent.

So how can these expenses be reduced?

Many startup companies in various fields have created technological innovations that have changed our lives. We at S.L. Music Group LTD are on the side of business owners and understand that there must be a revolution in the field of background music for businesses as well. In 2008, S.L. Music Group LTD established Space Lighter Records, which specializes in creating quality royalty-free custom background music for retailers.

We are the exclusive representatives of our music.

What does this mean?

We own the copyrights and performance rights.

Therefore, there is no need to pay royalties to any organization,

Which means a significant savings in annual expenses!

We have created one of the highest quality, royalty-free background music services in the world by collaborating with professionals and experts located all over the world—including producers, music editors, instrumentalists, singers and senior consultants in marketing and sales.

Royalty-free background music = reduced expenses
What music is suitable for commercial use?

Certain types of music may be royalty-free but not suitable for commercial use. Therefore, it is necessary to work with experts in the field who have produced music according to the required rules, regulations and with all of the relevant certifications.

With SL Music Group, you can be sure that the music you are playing in your business has been produced by professionals who understand the legal requirements, have extensive experience in the field, will act with uncompromising meticulousness in the quality of production for each and every track and above all, take into consideration the unique atmosphere of your business.

We have a large and diverse collection of music that is precisely suited to a wide variety of business types and is continuously updated.

SL Music Group is happy to help create the perfect sonic atmosphere for your business.

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