Who are we?

The label: Spacelighter Records

Specializing in royalty-free musical production services

Spacelighter Records was established in New York in 2008 by music producer Eitan Graff as an in-house production label with the objective of producing royalty-free music for the mother company, SL Music Group LTD. Spacelighter Records supplies music production services for artists, film and television as well as businesses in many different fields.

“Music is simply a way of life for us”, says Eitan Graff, CEO of the company. “The music that we produce is intended for businesses. It is done in a unique way and brings together experienced professionals including producers, composers, instrumentalists and singers as well as technical experts in the art of recording, mixing and mastering”.

The music speaks for itself: up-to-date and custom-made

We believe that the combination of a connection to the artist’s soul and an awareness of what the on-trend sound is enables our professional staff to create music that is precisely suited to achieving the desired atmosphere.

For example, when we create jazz or lounge music to be used as a soundtrack for restaurants, the emphasis is to “take a snapshot” of the authentic feeling of the way a group plays and to use it to produce organic tracks (in contrast to loops).

To have an on-trend sound is one of the primary goals in creating this type of musical atmosphere.

Professional recording studios for unique productions

Our material is recorded all over the globe. We work exclusively in professional studios on top of the line gear to produce authentic recordings for all of our varying genres and styles.

SL Music Group is happy to help create the perfect sonic atmosphere for your business.

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