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A word from the CEO and owner, Eitan Graff

Welcome to SL Music Group Ltd. We are experts in royalty-free background music solutions for businesses. Thank you for visiting us!

Uncompromising quality: This was the guiding principle in establishing SL Music Group Ltd.

The royalty-free music market consists primarily of “library music”, most of which is not suitable for use as quality background music for stores and is not up-to-date. I recognized a key need for businesses and decided to establish SL Music Group.

It took a significant investment and more importantly, the involvement of many very talented artists from around the world—each one an expert in their own field.

I am very proud of the results that we have achieved and am confident that customers who come into a business where our music is played have a better, more enjoyable experience compared to the standard in the royalty-free music market.

Our tracks are specially produced to create a high-quality and unique shopping experience. I have no doubt that our music will make the time the customer spends in your business more enjoyable and as a result, encourage them to purchase more.       

With many years of experience under my belt, I can say with assurance that our custom music can suit and enhance a wide variety of business settings. Moreover, everybody wins: the customers, the business owners and and even employees, all of whom can enjoy an atmosphere that is customized to the brand.

Pleasant listening,

Eitan Graff, CEO and owner

About the Entrepreneur Eitan Graff

Eitan Graff is an international entrepreneur with more than 24 years of experience in the music business. He is an expert in the production of customized music for businesses, advertisements, film and television, radio and recording artists. Today he is the CEO and owner of SL Music Group Ltd. and Spacelighter Records.

  • Present: Eitan is diligently working on developing and broadening the scope of services for both SL Music Group LTD and Spacelighter records and preparing their entry into new global markets. He continues to serve the enterprise by regularly producing musical updates.

  • Israel 2008-2015 – Established Spacelighter Records and the recording studio owned by the company. In conjunction with artists and producers from around the world, he has created a rich package of royalty-free background music for retailers.

  • England and USA 2002-2007 –

    • Produced music for advertisements in various types of media. Clients included well known brands such as: Miller, Apple, Ford, Popeye’s Chicken, Ruby Tuesday, Genuine and many more.

    • Founded Yellopop Productions, a management and production agency based in New York and London. As part of his work, he personally and professionally custom suited sound and artistic textures for each artist.

    • The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (Bellagio Las Vegas Fountains): Produced tracks for an impressive fountain show, the main attraction of the hotel and one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.

    • El Media Group: Produced dozens of albums for use as background music for businesses. Each album was custom-suited to the needs of each business and its customers. Clients including fine-dining world-renowned restaurants, luxury hotels, airlines, spas, well-known casinos, etc. Among these customers were Playboy Magazine, Chanel, Tao Restaurant NYC, American Airlines, NYC Fashion Week, Hotel Gansevoort NYC and many more. Some of the albums can be purchased at the following links:

  • England 2001 – Performed and toured as drummer with singer and musical artist Pandora.

  • Israel 1996-2000 – Started out as a professional musician quickly establishing himself in the Israeli Pop scene. While playing drums for the most successful artists in Israel throughout these years, he also gained extensive experience as a technician in recording, mixing and mastering. He further developed his own unique style composing, playing bass, guitar, drums and keyboard.

SL Music Group is happy to help create the perfect sonic atmosphere for your business.

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