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S.L. Music Group LTD

Service on a higher level: The highest quality royalty-free background music for businesses worldwide

SL Music Group LTD was established in 2007 out of a deep desire to offer quality background music to the community of business owners without the necessity of paying royalties.

A perfect combination: creative thinking and continuous action

After a process of radical “outside the box” thinking, we established Spacelighter Records in 2008. We are a unique label specializing in royalty-free background music production for businesses.

Our professional support team and smart media player can provide you with reliable, high-quality solutions for your music-related business needs. Our service includes the musical package—custom-made for your business—along with ongoing updates.

Our Ethos: Reliability, Professionalism and Uncompromising Quality

Business owners using royalty-free music should have access to a high-quality, low-cost product and service. That’s why we invested a significant amount of resources into producing the highest quality music in this field. We own a genuine label and produce music that is alive and kicking as well as up to date with the latest trends.

Studies show that a successful business is one that knows how to give the right kind of “space” to its customers, provides a sense of belonging to the style and brand and creates a feeling that the customer is in the right place. Our experienced producers and editors know how to create this sense of belonging with targeted and bespoke playlists.

You can be totally confident that our understanding of the art and psychology of music, along with our uncompromising professionalism and affordability, makes our music and user-friendly interface the perfect solution for small to medium size businesses.

In addition, our system allows large retail chains full and complete centralized control over their content.

Business owners: We invite you to join us and enjoy quality background music!

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