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Increase Your Profits by Spending Less!

Playing the right music creates the ultimate customer experience but the high cost of royalty fees can amount to a significant expense to your business. We offer another way; an affordable, high-quality and technologically advanced alternative.


You too can become a member of our client community and enjoy:

Music production under our own label

that's alive & kicking and tuned in to the latest trends in the market.

A wide variety of music

produced and edited by experienced professionals.

Quality customized music

that creates a pleasant client experience. 

Option of central control

or multiple locations.

Music broadcast in your place of business

via an automatic, smart and user-friendly player. 

Significant savings

since the use of our music is exempt from performance and copyright fees.

On-demand production

of custom in-store announcements and commercials with full control over placement, timing and frequency of broadcast.

Customer service and technical support

our customer support staff are on call 24/7 throughout the country.

Ongoing music updates

produced by our label Space Lighter Records.

Our expertise

Our expertise is creating the perfect environment for your business through royalty-free music.

Let the music speak:

To listen to more music

Music is an integral part of the retail experience,

and experts attest to its power and social influence. Music can create and impart an immediate feeling of collective identity.

Music that reflects the client and is perfectly tailored to a desired atmosphere can significantly improve the shopping experience. An enjoyable experience can extend in-store client times and increase sales.

A word from the CEO and owner, Eitan Graff

Welcome to SL Music Group Ltd. We are experts in royalty-free background music solutions for businesses. Thank you for visiting us!

 “… Quality, quality, quality with no compromise – this was our guideline when we founded SL Music Group Ltd. With my extensive experience, I can guarantee that all the music we produce is tailor-made to suit your specific business needs. Everyone benefits: the clients, the business owners and even the staff, who enjoy an atmosphere in harmony with their brand…” continue reading here

SL Music Group is happy to help create the perfect sonic atmosphere for your business.

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